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Universal Wave Project
'Universal Wave' is the name we are giving to what will someday rank among the most important of all scientific theories. That is, once we can produce scientific evidence to show that it actually exists!
Simply stated our Universal Wave hypothesis proposes the existence of a physical property of time and space (i.e. a wave) whose pattern purposefully influences all movement; both mind and matter.
As one might imagine a very wide range of phenomenon could support this hypothesis. This web site introduces a few of the phenomenon which we are currently studying.

Ironically we use the phrase "once we* can produce scientific proof" because the very nature of the Universal Wave would have it that even as you read this many others besides us are also now working on the concept of a Universal Wave; albeit without knowledge of the others' work.
Interesting reading on this phenomenon can be found under the topic of "Axial Age". The Axial Age refers to a time when "the spiritual foundations of humanity were laid simultaneously and independently in China, India, Persia, Judea, and Greece. And these are the foundations upon which humanity still subsists today".
Another interesting reading can be found under the topic of "multiple discovery" which states "that most scientific discoveries and inventions are made independently and more or less simultaneously by multiple scientists and inventors".
The Universal Wave theory would explain what created the Axial Age and causes multiple discoveries.

Our 1st area of study is music.
We believe that a talented musician is actually connecting to and projecting the ebb and flow of the Universal Wave.
Observations suggest that these musicians not only play music but feel the music. Not only can the musician feel the music, their audience can feel the music as well. This feeling is evidenced by the musicians' and audiences' emotional connection to the music.

Our 2nd area of study involves dance.
Much like the musician that is able to channel the Universal Wave into music, the Universal Wave can be observed guiding movement.
We believe the starlings presented on the next video are connecting to and moving with the ebb and flow of the Universal Wave.

On the right hand side of the screen you will find links to various projects which are using our Earth Events Animation Engine (EEAE).
Once fully developed the EEAE will allow us to plot additional life data which will reveal visible patterns attributable to the Universal Wave.
These patterns will lead toward the creation of the 1st Universal Wave digital receiver.
The most promising study shown here is our "Click Now" project where 5000 students across the country were asked to click their mouse button within a 30 second window of time. The students were instructed to click at the exact moment they believed other students in the group would click their mouse button.

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